Homeopathy for Children

Children usually respond really well to homeopathic remedies which are safe to use, even for new born babies. Most common childhood illnesses can be treated quickly and effectively and ongoing treatment of a child not only improves their health and vitality but gives them a strong immune system.

There are conditions that babies are born with which can be easily and effectively addressed with remedies that do not have side effects or the more damaging effects of some types of drugs that are routinely used with very young children. These include conditions like sticky eye (conjunctivitis), colic and umbilical cord affections.

At certain times additional support may be needed by baby. Although we all as individuals progress at different rates, at times baby may need a helping hand. For example, sleeping difficulties, when teething, moving through weaning, when and if mum goes back to work, going to nursery and those first forays into socialising with other children. Emotional as well as physical support may be needed at these and other times for baby – and also for mum.

As baby grows and progresses through crawling to walking with the knocks and falls associated with these first attempts at independent mobility, there are remedies to soothe bruised limbs and egos. Teething can be uncomfortable for babies, the pain as their first teeth come through tender gums, remedies often alleviate that pain and encourage the teeth to move through more quickly.

As those childhood illnesses threaten, coughs and colds as the young child develops a strong and healthy immune system, earaches and sore throats, bedwetting, constipation, night terrors are just some of the common ailments that can be addressed with homeopathy.
Puberty and teenage years when moving from childhood to adulthood with bodily changes, acne, menstrual problems, stress with school and exams, emotional insecurities and anxieties when feeling they don’t fit in, those first forays into more adult relationships with the strong feelings experienced. All these can be alleviated by homeopathic remedies.

At deeper levels homœopathy supports the development of a robust immune system which will provide valuable protection against all those diseases that our children come across. It also helps children to develop a more adaptable approach to living in a more complex world.

Conditions that are known to respond well to a homœopathic approach include:

  • eczema (particularly atopic eczema which is common)
  • asthma
  • digestive conditions e.g. colic, constipation and diarrhoea
  • infectious skin conditions e.g. hand and mouth, impetigo
  • earaches
  • chronic bronchitic states as well as a tendency to coughs and colds
  • childhood diseases, measles, mumps and chicken pox, scarlet fever
  • menstrual problems
  • acne
  • anxieties

Children are welcome in the consultation room whatever their age. There are toys available for younger children to play with and drawing materials for older children. I can observe while we talk about all aspects of their illnesses and behaviour. Older children may prefer to have some time on their own aswell, when parents and carers can have a cup of tea in the waiting area.
A consultation usually takes around 1 hour and are not as expensive as those for adults.

Also, for minor ailments you can treat your children yourself. Ask me for details of books and remedy kits that are handy to have to hand.