Gardening Remedies

Whatever the weather throws at us we can still see daffodils waving in the breeze and blossom starting to turn those brown trees pretty shades of pink and white. Just give us one sunny day and there will be many of us out in the garden weeding, snipping and digging in those new plants from the garden centre.

bright flowers

This is all very well, but after months of inactivity there is a temptation to do too much in one go. Many chiropractors, osteopaths and masseurs can be particularly busy after the first sunny weekend of Spring!

To counteract our over-zealous attempts to get the garden looking good in a few short hours, there are certain homeopathic remedies that it is a good idea to keep close at hand. Here are a few to consider that I myself have found helpful.


Arnica – this has got to be the first remedy to think of and is used for injuries and bruises, strained muscles and aching backs. Wonderful when we’ve overdone it!

Apis – puncture wounds and insect stings. Swollen, puffy and red.

Calendula – useful for bathing cuts and wounds and for bleeding. Painful, pricking pains.

Hypericum – a remedy for cuts and puncture wounds particularly in nerve-rich areas such as finger tips and tailbone, and on soles of feet. Painful, tender wounds.

Rhus tox & Ruta grav – these 2 remedies can be used together with Arnica when feeling stiff and achy after overdoing things. Arnica helps with muscle aches, Rhus tox with stiff joints that feel worse if we sit down for a while afterwards and totter around when we get up, and Ruta grav if we think we may have over-stretched tendons and ligaments.

Silica – pushes splinters out of the body so useful for those rose thorns if they are in fairly deep.

Urtica urens – For nettle stings, and heat rashes that itch and burn.

These are just a few of the remedies available, some that you can buy over-the-counter and others from a homeopath or a homeopathic pharmacy.

There are often different homeopathic remedies for a particular situation, each remedy has its own set of symptoms so if one remedy isn’t suitable there will usually be another.


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