Homeopathy for Hayfever

With the lighter evenings now with us and the sap rising it’s uplifting to think of all those lovely sunny days ahead of us – unless you’re a hayfever sufferer! If you’re anything like my husband the onset of lighter, sunnier days brings with it a sense of dread! (The hayfever season is upon us!) Streaming eyes, running nose, itchy throat and sneezing, these are just a few of the symptoms that are experienced by those sensitive to pollen from different trees, shrubs and bushes. For some their hayfever is short as their sensitivity is to possibly only one type of pollen, for others it can be the start of months of suffering. Using homeopathic remedies can help to alleviate…

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Gardening Remedies

Whatever the weather throws at us we can still see daffodils waving in the breeze and blossom starting to turn those brown trees pretty shades of pink and white. Just give us one sunny day and there will be many of us out in the garden weeding, snipping and digging in those new plants from the garden centre. This is all very well, but after months of inactivity there is a temptation to do too much in one go. Many chiropractors, osteopaths and masseurs can be particularly busy after the first sunny weekend of Spring! To counteract our over-zealous attempts to get the garden looking good in a few short hours, there are certain homeopathic remedies that it is a…

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