About Homeopathy

Homeopathy offers a safe and gentle treatment for a wide variety of conditions and illnesses and can be used for all the family, starting in pregnancy, for babies and children, right through to the elderly.

Homeopathic medicines or ‘remedies’ assist the body’s natural tendency to heal itself. Symptoms of ill-health are regarded as the body communicating that there is an imbalance at the centre of the person, that needs addressing. As homeopathy is a holistic form of healing all symptoms are taken into account, even those that seem unrelated to the main illness or condition so that, regardless of the illness, the correct homeopathic remedy can heal both body and mind.

One of the principles that homeopathy is based on is ‘like cures like’ which means that if a substance has the power to produce a symptom in a healthy person, it also has the ability to cure that symptom. A symptom picture of a person is created which is compared with the 4,000 homeopathic remedies available until a match is found and this is given as a tablet or in liquid form.

Examples of ‘like cures like’ are using the remedy ‘Allium Cepa’ (red onion) for hayfever symptoms that are similar to those produced when peeling onions; giving ‘Coffea’ (coffee) to address the same symptoms that are produced after having drunk too much coffee – feeling agitated with an inability to relax or sleep.

Homeopathic remedies are made by a process of repeated dilution, which removes any toxicity of the remedy, and vibration, or ‘succussion’ which increases the healing power of the remedy. Thus they are non-poisonous, produce no side-effects, are non-addictive, yet they are very effective.

Many in the scientific community question how the remedies can be effective if there is so great a dilution that there is often, in the higher potencies, no material of the original substance left, but there is much evidence both from clinical trials and from the medical use of homeopathy over the last 200 years showing that homeopathy is extremely effective.

  • Homeopathy is holistic. It regards the combination of symptoms as an alert to the imbalance in the system, so addresses the cause not just the symptoms.
  • Homeopathy is safe. The elderly, babies and pregnant women can all use homeopathy.
  • Homeopathy is non-addictive. When a response if felt to the remedy there is no need to continue taking it.
  • Homeopathy causes no side-effects. Sometimes there is an intensification of symptoms that passes quickly but there are no harmful side-effects.
  • Homeopathy strengthens the immune system. It works with the immune system to strengthen the body.
  • Homeopathy is effective. When the correct remedy is taken healing can be quick and complete.
  • Homeopathy is complementary. It can be used safely alongside conventional medication.

Why use Homeopathics?

Homeopathy has become one of the most widely used systems of medicine in the world.

This success is fueled by several factors:

  • Homeopathy is extremely effective. When the correct remedy is taken, results can be rapid, complete and permanent.
  • Homeopathy is completely safe. Even babies and pregnant women can use Homeopathy without the danger of side effects.
  • Homeopathic remedies can also be taken alongside other medication without producing unwanted side effects.
  • Homeopathy is natural. Homeopathic remedies are normally based on natural ingredients.
  • Homeopathy works in harmony with your immune system, unlike some conventional medicines which suppress the immune system. (For example, cough medicines suppress the cough reflex, which is your body’s attempt to clear the lungs)
  • Homeopathic remedies are not addictive – once relief is felt, you should stop taking them. If no relief is felt, you are probably taking the wrong homeopathic remedy.
  • Homeopathy is holistic. It treats all the symptoms as one, which in practical terms means that it addresses the cause, not the symptoms. This often means that symptoms tackled with Homeopathy do not recur.
  • Like cures like
    For example, if the symptoms of your cold are similar to poisoning by mercury, then mercury would be your homeopathic remedy.
  • Minimal Dose
    The remedy is taken in an extremely dilute form; normally one part of the remedy to around 1,000,000,000,000 parts of water.
  • The Single Remedy
    No matter how many symptoms are experienced, only one remedy is taken, and that remedy will be aimed at all those symptoms.