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Jacqueline BandhaHello, my name is Jackie Bandha LicWSHom RSHom. I qualified as a homeopath at the Welsh School of Homeopathy and am licensed to practise with the Society of Homeopaths. I offer private homeopathy consultations in Stafford and Stone.

I have always had an interest in health matters and at one time was considering going into nursing. I went into computing instead but never felt it was really me. After having my children it was almost impossible to go back to work as my husband often worked abroad and I had no family nearby who could help with the children. As well as it being very expensive to pay for childcare for 3 children this was the days before many nurseries, certainly in the very small town in which we used to live.

I became interested in homeopathy when one of my young sons developed eczema. We tried hydrocortisone cream but the eczema returned when we stopped using it, but we didn’t want to use it continually as he was only young and we knew of the thinning of the skin that could occur. I was advised that homeopathy could help, sought out a local homeopath and the rest is history! Needless to say, our son’s eczema went immediately!

I started studying once all my children were at school and spent 2 years at ‘The School of Homeopathy’ in Devon, had to have a break and then resumed studying at ‘The Welsh School of Homeopathy’ where I studied for a further 3 years. Both schools are accredited by the Society of Homeopaths as giving a very good standard of education. I have now been qualified for 2 ½ years and have successfully completed a large number of cases.

One of my last cases is that of a teenage girl about to go away to university with very red acne making her very self-conscious. The treatment she was having had side-effects of depression and hair loss. She, as well as her mother were both concerned as she was about to leave home. I gave her a remedy that matched her symptoms and within a few weeks of taking the remedy, the acne had cleared 95%.

Another case is that of a woman whose husband had had a heart attack and had just gone back to work after a considerable amount of time recovering. While he was ill they had extensive renovations to the house and she had to clear all the downstairs rooms single- handedly . Unfortunately, soon afterwards her father passed away. She was feeling as if she was carrying everything on her shoulders and couldn’t relax, her head was spinning she was always looking apprehensively for the next task she had to do and this attitude was wearing her out. After taking an appropriate remedy she literally bounced back and the improvement in her mental and psychological well-being was remarkable.

I continue to develop my understanding and further my knowledge of this system of healing and the more cases I do the more I learn. Attending CPD days around the country also gives me the opportunity of networking with other homeopaths and learning from them through their experiences of treating different ailments. There is always something new to learn or learn from.

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